Wednesday, October 8, 2008

For You I Will Always Come Part 1

It was one of the hottest nights of the year when you called me. I was sick of being out with the girls so I rushed right over to see you. At 3AM I arrived and there was no place to park my car in site. I finally found a spot two blocks away from your apartment. As I pulled in I heard a loud burst of thunder. When I got out of my car rain started pouring from the sky. I started to run toward your door but by the time I got there I was soaked to the bone. The water dripped off of my long red hair and down to my cleavage. The tight white tank top I had on was so wet you could see every part of me as if I was topless. I called you right away to tell you I was outside and you came rushing down. As soon as you got to door you smiled and opened it. I moved the wet hair out of my face and smiled back at you. I already knew what was on your mind when you touched my shoulder and said "You're soaked." The air conditioner was on full blast in the building which caused my nipples to harden and my body to shiver. You opened the door to the elevator and let me go first taking a glimpse at my ass in the tight black skirt I had on. I crossed my arms and we started small talk like we always do but your attention was not on what I was saying it was on my wet dripping body. You moved in closer and uncrossed my arms. I was so under your spell that I could not resist anything you did. My shirt was wet and my pink nipples protruded through my white tank top. I glanced at your eyes and saw how much you longed to touch and taste them. I looked down at your pants and saw that you were fully erect. Seeing how excited you were got me so hot that it didn't matter that the air conditioner was on full blast my face turned red anyway. Since we were only on the third floor you smiled and said "mmm."

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