Wednesday, November 19, 2008

For You I Will Always Come Conclusion

I looked at you, smiled and walked into the other room. You followed me out with your dick as hard as a rock. Next thing I knew you had me bent over the couch giving my ass a hard slap. "Owww" I yelled even though I loved it when you spanked me. I turned my head to look at you and without hesitation you put it inside me. "Your cock feels so good" I yelled while you slowly moved in and out of me. I wanted you deeper and deeper inside of me; I wanted to feel your balls slap up against my clit. It's amazing how you read my mind because before I could tell you that you did exactly what I wanted. You were fucking me so hard that I could hear you slapping up against my ass. "Don't stop" I yelled "It feels so good." You kept going and going and then you stopped turned me around and looked at me. "I love fucking you" you said as you led me over to bed. I decided to take control of the situation by grabbing a folded bed sheet you had on the couch "Lay on your back" I demanded. You did exactly what I asked you to do and I took the bed sheet opened it up and tied your arms to the bed post. I wanted to tease you for a little so I started biting your nipples then licking your chest up and down. I would stop right before I got to your cock, "Please just give it a lick" you begged but I wasn't done. I took my tongue and ran it up and down your chest a little more ending at your neck. "Put my cock inside you" you said "I can't take it anymore." I got on top of you with my legs spread, your cock was rubbing against my pussy but I would not let it inside me yet. I put my mouth close to your ear and whispered "Do you really want it? I want you to tell me how much you want it. How much do you ache for me?" You looked at me and told me "I want you so bad I can't take it. Please put it in, please fuck me."

It aroused me so much when you begged that I couldn't wait anymore either. I took your hard cock in my hands and then put it inside of me. I began to ride you moving my hips in the shape of a figure eight. I wanted so bad to feel every inch of you possible. You began to groan along with me and I knew you were close. I wanted to feel your arms around me before you came so I quickly freed you. You sat up while I continued to ride. You helped me by lifting my ass up and down to a pace that you wanted. My hips moved swiftly and I could see in your eyes that you were about to cum. You grabbed my breasts held them tight and then groaned "Oh yea" I knew you were there. I always loved to look in your eyes when you came. You then released me and laid back. I took you out of me and rested me head on your shoulder. You put your arms around me, kissed my forehead and said "I'm so glad you came here tonight." I glanced up at you while lying in your arms and responded "For you I will always come."

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

For You I Will Always Come Part 3

First you took a towel and wiped your liquid off of my lips and chin then you turned on the shower. "Let's get you out of the rest of these wet clothes" you said as you slowly removed the skirt from my waist. I then removed your shirt leaving you completely naked. I always loved the way your body looked. You got down on one knee and caressed my thighs with both of your hands then slowly removed each thigh high stocking from my legs. You then kissed my knees and worked your way up to my thighs kissing and softly biting. I quivered with every nibble on my skin. My pussy throbbed and burned for your tongue but you were not done teasing me. Once I was completely nude you led me into the warm running water. You handed me the bar of soap and I washed my face off completely leaving no trace of what you had left on there. You stood right in back of me and put your hands around my waste slowly running your hands up and down my stomach. I leaned my head backwards on your shoulder and you took the soap out of my hands. Without hesitation you lathered up my stomach moving up to my breasts. You always paid special attention to those every time I was with you. With your soapy hands you moved around the skin of my breasts and then began gently squeezing my nipples. I let out a short and soft groan and turned around to face you. You kissed me softly on the lips and then turned me around again. You then began to lather my ass cheeks with one hand then you took your other hand and moved it over to my private area and stroked the whole thing with your soapy hand. "You're a dirty girl," you whispered in my ear while you washed me "I want to get you nice and clean." I took your hand and made you wash me harder and said "I don't know if I will ever get clean. You might have to lick me clean," I whispered in your ear then slightly nibbled on it. I rinsed off the excess soap that was on me and propped up my leg. I took you by your shoulders and forced you to your knees, I could tell that you liked that because you were starting to get hard again. You opened up my thighs and then my lips and began to lick me. You started out gently and softly just the way I liked it. My legs started to shake while your tongue moved up and down my clit. I could not contain my groans until you stopped to blow on my pussy then lick my thighs. You were always such a tease when I was about to cum. "Ohhh" I yelled when you put your tongue back to the spot that had been aching and throbbing for you. "I want you to make me cum and then I want you to fuck me" I yelled. This seemed to excite you even more because after I said that your tongue started moving so fast it was almost like it was battery operated. While I was getting close to orgasm I felt weak in my whole body and with one more stroke of your tongue I was cumming all over you. The orgasm you gave me was so intense that it sent chills up and down my entire body causing me to be paralyzed for a moment. After that I opened my eyes and looked at you. "I'm not done with you" you said to me as I got out of the shower.

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