Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Fantasy Pt 1

Here is a fantasy of mine. I’m lying in the bedroom tucked under the sheets. You come in and…Take the covers off me, move my silky thong a bit and start eating my tight wet twat baby. Your smooth tongue feels so nice on my horny clit. Yeah just like that, keep flicking it!! Mmmm, that tongue searching my pink pussy for my warm juices.

Oh babe!!! You tongue my tight lil asshole!! You know I just love that. You’re gonna let me do it to you while I jerk your swollen cock? Yeah, good boy! Jerk you good. Ok, I’m gonna sit on your face and make you eat my pussy while I suck your stiff dick. Yeah you know how it goes…The more you eat me the more I suck you! Grind my horny cunt on your face and smear it with my warm juices. Yeah that’s it baby; bury your tongue deep inside me. I wanna sit backwards on your cock…Ride u slow at first then a bit faster…Till you to finger my ass. Let’s not forget about my sweet cause its craving your attention. Reach out and run your hands all over my tits and feel how perky they are? ...*CONTINUED NEXT WEEK*...

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